Sailing course

Sailing course

This sailing course is a beginner's course where you learn the crew skills of sailing in practice, i.e. how a sailboat moves and why it tilts but does not capsize, how to handle and adjust the sails safely, maintain speed and how to make sure that the ropes are not always in a knot. There are no skill requirements for participating in the sailing course, enthusiasm to learn to sail is enough. The length of the course is 32 hours, of which 8 hours are theory teaching online.

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The practical part of the sailing course is organized on Saturday and Sunday (4 x 6 hours). You can choose the days that suit you in the events calendar under the sailing course section.

590.00 €
590.0 EUR 590.00 €
590.00 €
Responsible Capt. Simma
Last Update 10/26/2023
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