Sailing course 4th day

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The sailing course is a beginner's course where you learn the crew skills of sailing, i.e. how a sailboat moves and why it tilts but does not capsize, how to handle and adjust the sails safely, maintain speed and how to make sure that the ropes are not always in a knot. There are no skill requirements for participating in the sailing course, enthusiasm to learn to sail is enough. The length of the course is 32 hours, of which 8 hours are theory teaching online.

The prerequisite for participating in the sailing day is that you have completed the course online theory.

Content of the sailing course
  • Knowledge of sailing vocabulary, boat parts, rigging and sails
  • Rope handling and knots
  • Handling sails
  • Operation at departure and landing
  • Steering and sailing the boat
  • Fundamentals of maritime rules
  • Basics of weather theory
  • Personal safety equipment and emergency equipment
  • Fire prevention and extinguishing
  • Man overboard situations (MOB)
  • Good boating and seamanship
  • Participating in general daily tasks both on deck and inside

Own equipment

A sailing outfit or normal outdoor outfit is suitable as an accessory. If the weather forecast promises rain, you should take waterproof clothes. Especially in spring, the air at sea is colder than on land. Several thin layers are better than one thick one, when there is a need for warm clothes. By dressing in layers, it is possible to adjust the clothing as needed. You should bring gloves for handling the ropes. Light-soled shoes or other non-marking shoes are best suited as shoes. In the rain, boots or other waterproof shoes. A beanie in cold weather or a cap in sunny weather are useful. The boat has life jackets for everyone.

Date & Time
June 9, 2024
9:00 AM 3:00 PM Europe/Helsinki

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Kanavaranta 4
(pickup at Marina Bay Cafe's pier gate)
00160 Helsinki
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